Thursday, July 2, 2009

I had some spotting AGAIN!

Yesterday, I went to my OB again, because I have some spotting in the morning and I felt like the baby is pushing down already. She immediately asked me to go to their clinic for a check up as I might have symptoms of pre term labor.

She did an ultrasound to check the length of my cervix and if I have some infections going on. Fortunately, everything is ok, except that my placenta is a little low. Ever since I have this pregnancy my placenta has been low, and the doctor said that it might be the cause of my spotting. I was quite concerned if I could still deliver the baby normally even if I have a low placenta. She told me that if my placenta is totally covering my cervix (thanks goodness that it is not!) they have to deliver the baby in C- section. If the placenta is below 2cm from the cervix there would be some bleeding when I deliver normally. If bleeding will be a lot, they have to deliver in c-section but if not they could deliver the baby normally. My placenta is 3 cm from my cervix right now, so I am hoping that it would move up a little or remain as it is so I could deliver the baby safely.

We are hoping that everything will be ok, just pray to GOD that He would keep me and the baby safe.


shydub said...

I hope you are okay mel, so hows your baby adrienne? i think some of preggers they do have spotting, buti nalng hindi ako nag spotting kahit ang sakit na ng tiyan ko sa kakaubo. take care mel kunting panahon nlng lalabas na to mga anak natin hehehe

Jane said...

How far along are you Melanie? Hope you would not end up bed resting. Hope everything goes well with you and ur baby.

Nedekcir said...

Ingat lang lagi saka dapat siguro huwag ka ng magbubuhat ng mabigat o naglalakad masyado. Opinion ko lang yun.

Gerby said...

Hi Mommy ok now? Actually, your case is better than mine. At 15 weeks, I was diagnosed with placenta previa totalis (placenta completely covering the cervix). I haven't had another ultrasound yet now that I'm 24 weeks. Still hoping though that the placenta will migrate so I won't have to go through CS delivery.

By the way, if you have time mommy, please do visit and add my baby's blog - It's a new one, solely for Baby Gerby, yup that's the name we came up. Don't know if it's a boy or a girl though.

Glenda said...

I will be praying for you and your baby! =D Please take A lot of care! God Bless!

Anygen said...

Praying for your safety sis. God is in control of everything just trust him.

Dorothy L said... a lot. Your health and your baby are in my prayers girl.

It is something you must allow a higher power take care of.


pehpot said...

I am guessing you are OK now.. I really hope so..

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