Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Look @ her now :-)

This is Andi @ two months. She is a very happy baby, always full of smile every time you talked to her. Getting bigger each day.

I bought a swing for her with some little toy on it. She was so fascinated by the toys and wanted to grab them, but her reflex is still not working. She could only raise her arms and touch the toys.

I tried to put her in her tummy to help make her neck stronger but she hates it. Could not stand for even two minutes. But she can stand already in her legs. She has strong legs, I think because my mother in law massage her legs every morning. They call it exercise time :-)
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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Preparing for Andi's Baptism

I have been trying to coordinate with our Parish here for Andi's Baptism. They have quite a few requirements that we need to fulfill. Luckily we had attended a baptism class a few years ago, so we will just be attending the last session of their class.

I have checked some restaurant around for the reception and glad that almost everything is in order. I just have one more problem. Baptism token. Your suggestions are very much welcome. Something simple yet can be use by the person receiving it. I don't want to give something that will be put away after the event. Have any idea anyone?

Friday, November 20, 2009

Some comforting tips ...

Sometimes baby's fuss and we don't know what to do. Since they do not have a means of telling us what they feel, they cry. For a new mom, this is the most difficult moment. You feel so helpless and does not know what to do. It is so heartbreaking watching your baby cry!

Most babies cry maybe because:

1. They have soiled diaper and needs changing.
2. They maybe cold or feel hot.
3. Have gas in their stomach and needs to e burped
4. Trouble sleeping
5. or she/he is sick (or something serious)

Usually this is what I do with Andi when she is fussy to comfort her:

1. Carry her around the house to distract her.
2. Carry her (facing me) and rock her to sleep while humming some song that cross my mind
3. lay her, tummy down across my knees and gently pat her back
4. Put her in her car seat and carry her around the house, so she feels like she is in the car
5. Give her pacifier

These are simple things we could do. But of course each baby's are different. Try to observe what actions could put your baby at ease and do this when she gets fussy. Mothers has good instinct when it comes to their babies. Trust your instinct!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Getting ready for Winter!

Andi woke up at 3:00am this morning to drink milk and a few minutes of playing time. This is her new sleeping habit this past two weeks. When we were playing, I could hear the gust of wind outside. It makes me realized that winter is almost here. I need to shop for winter clothes for the kids and my parents in law. This is Andi's first winter and we are planning to spend a vacation in Las Vegas for a few days after Christmas. Weather in Las Vegas is quite nasty. I got sick the last time we were there. This time I want to make sure that the kids will have proper clothing when we go on vacation.

This nice little Bunting will be perfect for Andi. This will keep her warm no matter how cold the weather in Las Vegas. Baby's wants to keep warm most of the time. But, I still have to find a matching booties for this cute little outfit! We really need to bundle up the babies and kids every time we go out to keep them warm so they will not catch a colds or flu.

Every time Gabz goes to school she wears this Columbia winter jacket. It is waterproof with fleece liner inside that keep her warm all the time. This winter jacket is great because it can withstand either snow or rain. It has adjustable hood too which is important for kids. I will make sure that we bring this to Las Vegas.

I hope every one will have a great time!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Finally got my Page Rank!

Wow ! after waiting and wondering when this blog will ever get it's PR, finally Google gave it to me. Just checked today and as you can see this blog has a PR2! Just can't believed it :-)


Saturday, November 7, 2009

She has the greatest smile of all.....

At six weeks, we saw Andi's real smile :-) She even respond when you talk to her!

One day we were just surprised when she was cooing when you talk to her. I used to talked to her all the time. And she just respond with her sweet smile as if she understood what I am talking about. My heart just leaped with happiness :-)

From then on.....every time she woke up at 3am, we talked and play for a few minutes before she goes back to sleep. She is just a happy baby, just fussy when she is hungry and needs diaper change, otherwise she sleeps and play :-)

She can recognized every body's voice too :-) When I call her name, she turned her head and give her smile. Even her Daddy and Lola's voice!

Sweet Andi :-)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Andi's first Halloween!

This is Andi's first Halloween. Her Dad decided to bought her Little Devil costume. Since the headband does not fit her little head, we put the bow instead. She looks so cute and I think she likes it too!

Little Devil with Bat Girl! Gabz was so excited cuddling her baby sister. She wanted to bring Andi to do trick or treat but the weather is very chilly, so I decided to let Andi stayed inside the house. I guess she could wait until next year to do trick or treat outside! Can't wait to see my girls doing trick or treat together :-)

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

She is a good eater!

Andi had her first month check up last Friday. She gained 3 lbs in just a month! The doctor said that she is a good eater. He growth is 95 percentile which is good. She got her second shot of HepaB also. After the nurse took her weight, height and head circumference she was playing while waiting for the doctor. She was so behaved and happy.

Gabz got her flu shot and HepaA also. The first time the nurse poked her, she cried and told me, "Mommy I don't like it!" Poor girl :-) I kept telling her that it is needed so she won't get sick. After the doctors visit, she keeps telling me that she really, really don't like it. But when she was telling her Dad about it, she said that it was a good shot, but still does not like it :-)

Poor kids, I know the feeling. It is not fun to be poked by needles !