Thursday, October 22, 2009

Do you watched TV @ 3AM?

Do you know that babies sleep more than 16 hours a day? Oh yes, for new born at least. But they do wake up after 3 to 4 hours just to eat. Andi has been doing it for a month now. She sleeps most of the time and wake up just to eat then after 30 minutes to an hour will go back to sleep. This is just ok during the day, but a night this will surely ruin your sleeping habit. That is why, I learned to watched TV at 3am. No time to watched TV or do something I want during the day because, you will learn to grab every minute that she is asleep to do household chores. And of course to take good care of my other daughter.

At one month she is now eating 4oz. of milk in just one gulp! (not literally ha?, she drinks it straight until the bottle is empty!) She is a good eater and a light sleeper. Good thing, I have my mother in law to help take good care of her during the day, while I get some zzz for an hour.

I'm not so sure until when this sleeping pattern will last. Hopefully it will change soon !

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Big Sister

Gabz is really serious is taking her big sister role for Andi. During Andi's first night with us, she hardly slept at all. Every time the baby cried, she woke up and asked, "Mommy, what is wrong with the baby?" or "Mommy, what is happening?". I had to asked my husband to move her to her room because she could not sleep at all. She wanted to sleep with us and watched over her sister.

A hug and kisses are always necessary every time her sister is awake. She is fast every time you asked her to fetched something for her sister too. And when the little one cries, she run to her and tell the baby what is wrong and that her mommy is getting milk already, so she does not have to cry any more. She is so sweet !

Sometimes, I feel so guilty because when she needs something I always told her to wait or later because mommy is feeding Andi or mommy is holding Andi. Good thing though that she just turn around and wait for me to be available. But I don't want to be this way always, time might come when she will resist the idea of Andi being the first always.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Here she comes Part II

As promised here are the rest of the pictures. Still can't believed that I delivered her normally at 8 lbs ! The nurses keeps on telling me that she is too big for me, but with the patience and good skills of my doctor, I was able to deliver her with the help of a vacuum. Her head is quite elongated, but her pediatrician assured us that it will go back to its normal size. She has some bruises on her head, but aside from that she is healthy and strong. A good eater too !!!

Baby Andi after her first bath at the hospital. People were surprised how loud she cried :-)

Big sister was so happy to see baby Andi. She was so excited, but quite hesitant when she saw me lying in bed with a lot of tubes attached to my arms.

My Family :-)

A pose with Lola and Lolo. And of course the Paulino family who are always there. The twins were so happy to see the baby that finally comes out in Tita Mel's tummy :-)

Thank you so much guys !

People who gives you support, strenght and love makes this experienced a memorable one no matter how difficult and painful it is. The staff of Overlake Hospital is outstanding, great service, and good food :-) Even though my doctor was on vacation, I was so happy that Dr. Moore was there to help me. She really is great, I made the right choice to asked her to deliver my baby.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Here she comes :-) Part 1

After nine months and five days of waiting, she finally decided to see her Mom, Dad and big sister Gabz. On the wee hour of 23 Sept., 2009 Adrienne Danielle decided to see the world.

At 3am, I woke up with a sudden gush of water coming out. I thought I was dreaming, but started to stand up and it was still running down my legs. I woke up my husband and told him that I guess I broke my water bag. Went to the bathroom and after a while it stops. Oh, I told him; "Was it my water bag or just my urine?" Hmmm he suddenly went back to bed to sleep. Huh? why is he sleeping? I called the hospital and asked them what to do. They told me to go to admission so they could check me since I was already five days overdue to make sure what is happening. So, I woke up my husband again and told him that we need to go to the hospital. By then, I started to feel the contractions, and he started to panic!

To make the story short, when they checked me at the hospital, I was four cm dilated and my water bag indeed broke. So they start the labor process and took Andi the whole day before she saw us. I gave birth to baby Andi at 4:50PM, who is 8 lbs. 20 1/2 inches long. I did not expect her to be that big, no wonder it took me 16 hours of long hard labor. But all of that was over, and the moment I hold her in my arms, I could not stop crying. My heart was bursting with happiness and unexplanable feelings.

Here she is :

Adrienne Danielle Pesito

More pictures to come ! Mommy needs her sleep for now :-)