Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New words @ 16 months

Andi had just turned 16 months and you will be surprised how many words she could utter.   She was so funny, when you asked her if she had poop, she would instantly pulled her clothes up and say Ah ah...I don't know how she associated that word to poop.  But every time I asked her if she had poop, she would exactly told me the same thing. 

Here are some of the words she had at present:
nayt nayt (goodnight)
Ate (that is what she call her big sis, it means big sister)
dada (daddy)
ooh (if she did something or drop something)
Oh No! 

She is learning new words every day.  You will just be surprised what comes out of her mouth the next time she utter some words.
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