Monday, June 29, 2009

My First Blog Award !

The other day, I wrote my first tag in this blog. Now Meryl has given me my first blog award. Thanks sis !

I hope that this award will come true. This is a new blog and hoping for it's success in blogosphere. Now I pass this award to Shy of Sissy's Pastime, Layrence, texaswithlove,.

Have fun !


shydub said...

Hi mel ako nya ni i post after ko bloghop, congrats baby adrienne for your first award. thanks for this mel.

pehpot said...

Mommy what na?
sinong blog ang gusto mong i review ko?

this one or the other one? :)

Make or Break

pehpot said...

sis ung nasa tab area ata eh ung pag asa dashboard ko naklagay sa browser tab mo entrecard user chuvae hehe

di rin ako familiar waaahh

pehpot said...

naku MOmmy, I can't figure the EC haha.. nag drop na lang ako sau so I can check your user id..maybe you'll have the EC credits tomorrow :)

Make or Break

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