Thursday, December 30, 2010

Andi's New Words

At fifteen months, Andi was able to speak a few words aside from her usual Mama and Dada.   Now, she could say nayt nayt for goodnight and ate (big sister).   Though her words are quiet limited, she could almost understand everything you said.  She can follow instructions, like picking up something, closing the door, going to her Dad or Ate.   She has her own way of letting me know what she wants or communicating things she wanted to say.   For instance, every time I asked her if she had poop, she would pull her clothes up if she did.  If not she moved her head from side to side and that means No.

At her age, she is just amazing because she is making her own individuality.   She already have some characteristics that I could identify as her own.  She is just growing up so fast, that's all I could say!!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Andi's first snow experienced!

We went to Leavenworth last week to have some family time off.   The snow there was quiet high and the Christmas lights are amazing.  Leavenworth was quiet famous for its Christmas lightings during Christmas here in Washington.    People from different part of Washington go there to witnessed the Christmas lighting festival and experience a little of German tradition.  They call this place The Little German Town.   In the middle of the town where the celebration is always held has a small park where kids could sled and have fun.  Andi enjoyed walking  around the shops and just hanging out and checking things around.  But she really had fun touching and playing in the snow.  She enjoyed sledding too, she was not scared even a single bit.

Look at her, she even removed her gloves to be able to touch and feel the snow.

She is not even scared or bothered by the adrenaline rush in going down the hill.  She is just amazing, she just wanted to do things her big sister did!!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I am back finally!

I have not updated this blog for almost three long months!!! Gosh it was just a busy busy months with all those classes that I have this quarter.  Since fall quarter is over, here I am finally back and promised that I will be updating this blog more often.

Andi is 14 months now and is growing so fast, learning a lot of stuff too.  She is like a little girl who understand almost everything, except that she does not talk yet.  But I am telling you that she knows a way how to let you know what she wants.  Since I was not able to update this blog for quiet sometime, i will start from Andi's first Halloween.

Here are some of her pictures:
 This was her costume during the Halloween.  Her Dad decided to dress her up like this.  A lot of people was so delighted at her, she is just unique in the middle of all those kids.  But a lot of them though that she is a boy too!  I just have to correct them that she is a girl :-)

 This is Andi going around the neighborhood with Kuya Tan and the rest of the kids.

And this is Andi after the trick or treating, all burned out and hungry.   She gulp a bottle of milk in a matter of a few minutes, then back again on her feet to have fun with the other kids.  She was just having a ball during that time, and it was so contagious!  I am happy seeing how happy my baby is :-)