Monday, July 6, 2009

I have stuffy nose

It's been like a week now that I always have stuffy nose. Do you experienced that ? You feel like you have a long running colds, a few hours it was there and suddenly it's gone. But during the night you could feel that it is there again 'till morning. They said that it's normal to have stuffy nose during pregnancy, but who wants stuffy nose ? I think it's our hormones again controlling our life huh?

I don't want to take any medicine for this as it is bearable, yet annoying. I have to talk to my doctor this Friday what can I do about this.

I just can't believed that time flies so fast. I am on my third trimester now and 10 more weeks to go. I will be meeting my little angel very soon !


pehpot said...

oh no I can't still figure out how to send the EC.. waaah..

Dorothy L said...

Hey girl....I see by your post that you are feeling good except for a stuffy nose. Ug...pregnancies can do such weird things to ones body it is not funny.
I had 4 children...3 were boys and I was always quite normal...but with my daughter...I had everything from allergies to heartburn continuously.
The end result always makes it worth while though:)
Take Care and rest a lot:)

Phoebe said...

hi mommy mel..thanks a lot s comment mo..yup, i have bleeding due to my placenta previa complication p rin..but good thing, di n sia totalis o complete previa..partial n lang. so konting galaw p, and i can deliver the baby normally n dw..

as for the bleeding, avoid lifting heavy objects p din. tsaka yun, avoid stress din.

by the way, ako din i had colds two weeks ago, as in stuffy nose din. i immediately checked with my OB kung ano pwede ko inumin, and she just gave me Vitamin C n 500mg. Poten-cee binili ko,a nd it worked for me. now, ala n ako colds..

sissy's pastime said...

That the probspag buntis mel, ang daming mga illness lumalabas, ubo, sipon,headache hahahaha sguro pag matapos na to back to feeling good na tayo. I have an award for your baby A

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