Sunday, February 28, 2010

Have you heard of Mesothelioma?

Mesothelioma is a cancerous disease that grows in the outer linings of the lungs. It is very rare because this disease could only be acquired through asbestos exposure. Asbestos is a mineral that could be found in construction materials such as cement, roofing shingles, to commercial products such as hair dryer and automobile brake pads. If a person works in the production of these products and are exposed to asbestos, they are most likely to get Mesothelioma cancer. Mesothelioma is very difficult to diagnose because symptoms will not appear after 20 years or so. And most of its symptoms are similar to other diseases. These are a few signs and symptoms of Mesothelioma; chest pain, shortness of breath, fatigue, coughing, weight loss, yellowing of the skin, low blood sugar, etc.

Mesothelioma could be treated by surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Studies proved that 74.6% success rate in extending a patient's life through chemotherapy. Many people have died because of this rare and dangerous disease. Studies and research is still being done for the early detection of Mesothelioma to a person.

On the other hand, many books and research have been published about Mesothelioma, asbestos exposure and the likes. Paul Kraus wrote a book on how he survived Mesothelioma. Check out the book and see what he has to say. You can also read some testimonials from other Mesothelioma patients about this book. You can get a copy of the book for FREE

I am sure this book has tons of useful information, since it was written by someone who experienced and survived Mesothelioma. I think it is worth checking out!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Andi's milestones @ 5 months

This picture was taken last weekend while hiking. Her Dad loves to let Andi stand at the corner, behind the door or peeking at the counter top as if Andi is standing by herself. I can't resist her every time they do that.

Andi is five months old today. So far here are her milestones:

1. She has three teeth in front (lower portion)
2. She rolled in any direction (sometimes she was rolling all over the living room)
3. She started eating solid (home prepared). Today she had squash and banana.
4. She is very emotional too (she cried when your voice goes up as if you are mad, pretend that you are mad, and she will cry!)
5. She keeps pushing her bootie up (as if she wants to crawl?)
6. She loves playing tea party with big sister ! She usually sits on her swing while big sis sits in front of her with a mini table with tea sets on it !
7. She loves watching TV !!!

Sometimes I felt overwhelmed on how fast she grows up...I was discussing with hubby last night that we need to start putting safety measures around the house. Yesterday, while doing household chores, I put Andi down in the carpet with big blanket spread all over. After a few minutes I tried to check on her and she was just playing. But every time I checked on her, she moved from one place to another. After a while I saw her in front of our fireplace ! Half of her body was on the stone slab and half is in the carpet. I was so scared that she might had bumped her head or something...maybe not because she did not cried at all. But then it hits me, what if next time it will? I asked hubby to better go to Home Depot and find something to cover the edge of the stone slab...

While that is still under planning...I make sure that I watched her most of the time while playing on the floor.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Mommy Moments - Valentines Day

Valentines Day, the moment their Dad woke up everybody gave their Valentines Card. This is the first valentine that I was not able to cook breakfast in bed for my hubby. I woke up late!!!

Dad cooked breakfast for the three girls in his life. After that we went to mass and have lunch at a fine dining restaurant. That is Dads another treat for her girls.

On our way home, since everybody ate too much and the weather is quite nice, we decided to take a walk at the park beside the lake. A whole day of bonding time ! Our valentines day was as simple as that and yet it means a lot to us. Spending time with my family!

I hope everyone had a great valentines day!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Baby's first toys

I have this overwhelming feeling every time I saw my two daughters playing. Andi could already appreciate her sister in the sense that she respond to her big sister when Gabz made a sound or do things that would make her smile. Andi learns to enjoy watching and playing with big sis and vice versa.

I was reading through a magazine this morning and according to one expert these are the must have toys in every kids toybox.

1. Books - I definitely agree on this one.

2. Touch toys - not so much for Andi because she is on a stage where she put everything on her mouth.

3. Visual toys - mobile, activity mats, plastic mirror or something that has lots of bright colors.
My Andi love this toy that makes bright lights, sounds and spins!

4. Hearing and listening toys -

5. Imitation toys

What do you think mom?

Friday, February 12, 2010

Mommy Moments - Language of Love

Wow it's Friday again! Mommy Moments theme is Language of Love, in time for Valentines Day this Sunday.

Yesterday, we were doing a Valentines card for Daddy. Gabz simply said, "Mommy, I want to write I love you Daddy on the card". And here it is.

The Bee card is from Gabz and the other one is from Andi. These cards are for their Daddy.

This is inside Gabz valentines card. She wrote it herself.

Since Andi does not know how to handle a pen yet, I draw her hand instead inside the card. hehehehe and mommy wrote for her.

Their Daddy always look forward for something during Valentines Day. The last Valentines card given by Gabz is still hanging in his office wall.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Help Haiti - Buy Chocolate this Valentines Day

Help given in Haiti has been pouring from all over the world. A lot of companies, organization and even individual extend a helping hand to the people and children of Haiti. If you wanted to do your share, simply buy a box of chocolate (or if you want five boxes or more) this Valentines Day and help the people of Haiti. Intentional Chocolate will be donating 100% of their profits to Charities supporting Haiti until Valentines Day. If you buy Dark Chocolate or any type of chocolate from Intentional Chocolate you will be making your special someone happy and the people of Haiti.

Hope everyone will have a great Valentines Day! Spread the love :-)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Green Police

The above video is a teaser for a 2010 Audi super bowl commercial featuring the green police. The Green Police busting out another policeman using a plastic or styrofoam cup. I watched the whole commercial and I would say that It is very good in the sense that it conveys a very positive message to the people on how to be green. At the same time it shows off the Audi A3 TDI.

I appluad Audi for this commercial because they show to the people how much they care about our environment.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

When did you start giving solids to your baby?

For all moms out there, when did you start giving solids to your baby? Some pediatrician says that you can start giving solids at four months while others said to wait until the baby reaches six months.

Andi is now four months old and her pedia told me that I could start introducing solid to her. She is eyeing everything I put in my mouth ! She even wakes up when it is meal time. Sometimes she grabs my plate when I ate while holding her. What do you do when your baby do that? Do you just give in and feed her or you still wait until she reaches the exact age?

A lot of moms told me to wait until six months because it has it's benefits. They said that your child has decreased risk for allergies and diabetes later in life if you start solids at this age.

Maybe I should wait then. :-)

The throat sighs!


People said that piano is the ideal musical instrument for children who wanted to learn or study music.

Here are the benefits of playing the piano to children.

1. Enhance motor skills.
2. Develop hand - eye coordination
3. Increase self esteem
4. Improved memorization and concentration
5. Children become well rounded individual

These are the only few benefits and I am sure there are a lot more that could be develop when your child learn how to play the piano.

My husband who is a music lover wanted to enroll our daughter in a piano lesson. He has been telling me that ever since he noticed our daughter's inclination in music. He wanted to learn how to play the piano himself but he thinks he is too old for that. That is why he badly wanted Gabz to enroll in piano. I was telling him that it will be good for Gabz, but I think it is quite early for her. She is just four years old, maybe two to three years from now?

A lot of companies and individual offers piano lessons. You could even have piano lessons online! I was trying to surf the Internet for piano lessons and I was surprised that you can even study online by watching a video? Wow that is really amazing! When I was a kid, the only thing I know is that a piano teacher is the only one who can teach you how to play the piano. Technology indeed brought us to the next level.

When the time comes that Gabz wants to play the piano, I wanted her to learn her piano lessons from a piano teacher.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Andi can sit!

Andi can now sit on her own! Her development really surprised me. I just tried to let her sit down in bed and I was surprised to see that she can sit by herself in a few minutes. Not for long, but she was able to balance herself now.

A pose with big sister. Big sis wanted to join the fun too. Too bad the whole family is sick, we all have cough and colds. Gabz was not able to go to school because of that. Andi has runny nose, but she never complains. That is why she is wearing that fluffy suit to keep her warm.

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Want to save on your cable bill?

Have you been looking ways on how to save money? Have been paying a lot of money for your cable subscription?

Watching TV has been one of our favorite past time. If you have high definition TV, you wanted all the sports channel, HBO, Starz, etc. to make your TV experience more enjoyable. High definition channels is what matters today. Getting the best programming package you can find from your cable subscription is important. But getting the best programming means paying a lot of money. But not anymore ! As I was sorting out our mail today, I found this DIRECT TV flier. Take a look at their packages, they got the best deal for your money. You can save more than $300 a year! No other cable company offered this kind of package.

But I think you need to hurry because this may end soon. You can also go to to find out more about DIRECTTV packages. DIRECT TV is one of the largest Satellite service provider here in the US. We have used their service before and I would say, that they are good. Why don't you check them out and find out for yourself?

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