Sunday, July 26, 2009

Will Stretch Marks Vanish ?

Are you seeing those white marks in your belly ? Worried that those stretch marks will never vanish?

While I was pregnant with my first child, I could not see any of those white stretch marks in my belly. I only found them after I gave birth to Gabz. At first it was dark marks, putting moisturizer in many years had lighten the marks, but it was still there. They said that stretch marks will not vanish at all, UNLESS you are gifted with good skin. Some women does not have any stretch, heredity plays a great part in who will have stretch marks and who will not. They said that if your mother had them most probably you will have them too.

Putting lotion and other moisturizers does not removed stretch marks, contrary to what other people believed.

For me those stretch marks always reminds me that once upon a time there was a tiny baby inside that belly. As you look into your daughter or son, you will be amazed how they grow so fast, a few months or years ago, they are just a tiny being inside your belly, but look at them now? So never mind those stretch marks, the experience and special moments while carrying your baby in the most important thing. Treasure those!


Dorothy L said...

Hey there Mel...I hope all is well with you and baby:)

Stretch marks so differ from woman to woman.
I had 4 children and very dew stretch marks to be seen except a few tiny ones around my incision as I had cesarean sections with all 4. I have a friend that just with her first pregnancy she was stretch marked all over her body. Her breasts really have them bad.
As wrinkles vary in people so do stretch marks it would seem:)

Mom said...

No, those stretch marks will never go away.

Each new baby has to have his or her own set of marks, too. They absolutely refuse to recycle the old stretch marks from the previous sibling.

Oh well. It's all part of being a mom.

Dorothy L said...

Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.

Amber M. Isaac said...

We associate stretch marks with pregnancy , but while researching for my latest magazine issue, I found out that appearrance of stretch marks depend on remarkable increase or decrease in weight.As there is much increase in weight during pregnancy,so the stretch marks appear.They are not directly related to pregnancy.Even, men who have sudden weight gain or weight loss have stretch marks.
Moreover,your skin type is more responsible for stretch marks than heredity.Some skin types are more prone to appearrance of stretch marks than others.But if you inherited skin texture from your mom and she had stretch marks , then , you are also ,likely to get them.Heredity is secondary factor in stretch marks, the primary factor is your skin type.

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