Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Summer is coming

I could almost feel the summer sun coming in Seattle.  For the past few days the temperature is rising to 60 - 70!!!  The kids could not wait to go to the park and ride their bikes!   The other day, they contend themselves by riding their bikes on the street outside our house.   Andi is learning to ride her bike too!  She is so amazing because she is trying to hard to paddle and synchronized her feet by circling round and round.  She almost got the hang of it.   But if she gets tired pedalling, she would ask me to pull her bike, and it was exhausting.

Look at her, who could tell that she is just 2.5 years old?  She is growing so fast, I can't hardly enjoy each passing moments. 

It is so true when they say that as a parent you should enjoy and treasure each moment you spent with your kids, because they grow so fast and the next moment you will realized that they are already grown ups.   And they will live their life on their own terms. 

Getting some additional TECH

Guest written by our friend Mason Abbott

I’ve recently been reading all the hughesnet reviews online and I’m starting to think we need home internet. I’ve been able to get by without it the last couple of years but geez, wouldn’t it be nice to online shop or even to confirm my dentist appointments via email like all my friends. Plus I’ve gotten a lot more into Facebook recently and it’s annoying when I hear someone has new pictures up or something and I can’t check at home…I’ve always been kind of a lagger when it comes to technology but you know, I think it’s clutch to have internet if you remotely want to stay with the times. I mean, I’m not 70 years old, I’m barely a mom, and I’ve got keep abreast of what’s going on or I’m going to get totally out of the loop in another couple of years. Who would have thought I’d be the last one to get internet in my neighborhood full of old fogies? I certainly wouldn’t have said it’d be me!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Someone is not happy :-(

She was not so happy and I don't know why !   She just sit at the bottom of the stairs and cry.  She does not even want to tell me why.  She does that when she wants something and she could not have it.

She looks so miserable and cute.  I would say that Andi at her age is very smart.  She has more vocabulary than any other two years old.   She talks like a grown up!  Sometimes, she surprised me with her words, phrases and I start to wonder where she learned it.   There was one instance when we were having conversation in the car and she told me that she does not like one of her friends because she said that the girl does not know how to talk yet.  And that she could not understand her at all!  That kid she was referring to is a month older than her, but she mostly bubbles and true enough that you can't hardly understand or make sense of what she was talking.  That was the only time, I was able to figure out why she does not want to play with that kid and would prefer to play with her big sister friends (which are older kids).  She mostly wants to play with older kids and seldom seen her play with kids her age.

I guess, she is just a little bit advance compared to kids her age.  She is sassy, funny, smart and most of all very sweet.  
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