Sunday, July 12, 2009

Time to register at the hospital

I just had my 30th weeks check up last Friday. After that I will be having a twice a month checkup then every week. The D day is almost there...10 more weeks to go! I just can't believed it, I will be seeing my little girl very soon. Right now, I can't hardly sleep since finding the right position is quite difficult to find. My belly is so heavy and she constantly moved. Of course when the baby is doing summer sault in your tummy, who could sleep with that? But just loving it, because it means she is healthy!

During my check up, my doctor advised me that it is now the time to register at the hospital where I will deliver the baby. You could either submit the form in their office (then they will forward it to the hospital) or you can register online. Great! they are trying to make my life easy...hehehe

After that, time to get appointment at the hospital for a visit to check the facilities!

Few more weeks mommies!


Dorothy L said...

The excitement is building for you...I can tell in your words. Oh do I remember the last trimesters well. Anxious, tired, excited, nervous ect.This is all part of it....almost like getting ready for a trip:)

Lulu said...

I didn't have time to register because Andrea was premature.... jeezzz while i was on labor they ask me questions you know the basic ones... i swear i would love to kick the nurse lol.... better register now para maiwasan ang mga QandA during delivery

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