Saturday, September 30, 2017

the poem about the Philippines

the Philippines is sizzling hot                                                               its always warm there...                                                                     so go to the beach or a pool to play                                                   at the beach the waves will wave to you so you should back          the place is great and thats what I rate                                                                                                        

The horse, a poem by me

A horse is the best they will never rest                                                they love you so love them to

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Pepper Puppy


this is a story of three years ago when I got my first dog.                    

me and my Ate ( big sis) were playing on the  couch then my mom called out " would you like a dog?" three years ago my sister was afraid Dogs but unexpectedly she yelled yes  . I wasn't afraid of dogs like my sister but also burst out YEAH!!! later on my mom showed me a picture of  the dog we were going to get. a second later me and my sister were in our room thinking up names for the Yorkie pup . I suggested snuggles and my sister suggested storm. Then our dad thought of pepper! We agreed on that. after 2 days we had picked up pepper and in the car we figured   out pepper gets car sick because ... she PUKED at the TIP OF MY SEAT!!! I felt really disgusted by it . that night while me and my sister were studying we heard whimpering ,then we all thought where is Pepper? so we all panicked and started looking . It  turned out she was stuck in  my parents bed room. then we openned the door before we could say Pepper ,Pepper rushed out the door. she was so happy. we all lived happily  with a Pepper puppy.

Lonestar Vacation pt.3

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         that morning we were of to blue berry picking .K  got to sit my car . so we sat side by side playing uno  so the parents went to this place then we went back for a great boat ride . I stood up on the boat instead of sitting . The breeze was really nice . After the boat ride we went to the pool for a good swim . Then we got dressed and hit the road to home.  

Lone Star Vacation pt.2

On the morning of our second day in Chelan,  . We all had a good breakfast. When we were all done we went upstairs to find my sister sleeping in a closet! It took forever to up (as usual) and when she finally did, she went down stairs to eat. When everyone was ready we took a golf cart to the beach. While we  were swimming we jumped from the dock sat on floaties and rode jet skis all over the lake. Me, Katelyn and Katelyn's mom got on a paddleboat to ride. We couldn't do standup paddle boating because it was to hard. We liked to jump off the board and push it around. After some time my sister my mom and Ella got on another paddle boat.
(older sisters POV)
When we got on the paddle board we let my mom paddle. During the first few seconds we crashed into the dock, so i got to paddle. It was hard standing up because it was a bit wavy. After riding around the lake for a while I let my mom and Ella get off the paddle board. I stayed and tried to stand. It was hard getting up but once I gained my balance it got easier. I wobbled a little from the waves but i didn't fall off once. When i got off my legs felt like rubber but i was O.K. For the rest of my time i swam on the beach.
( Normal POV)
As I was saying about the paddle board, we had paddled far from dock ( actually just a little ) .Then  suddenly I yelled 'girls over board". so me and my friend suddenly rolled off the paddle board . Then we met up with my sister who had my mom,  Katelyns sister Ella on her paddle board . Soon later we were just paddling away me and Katelyn were holding on to the side and letting us get pulled away. Then suddenly I screamed"WHAT IS THAT!!!" it looked like a skin of a dead animal .I wanted it to be bark so I didnt have to be so disgusted .But it was a fish skin. so me and K ( Katelyn ) as soon as we could  we jumped back on and paddled away.then we told Ks mom to try standing because we saw my sister standing and said" she  makes it look easy." A few seconds after Ks mom tried to stand the board started to wobble...SPLASH!!! Ks mom had tipped over the whole thing and everyone fell off ! So everyone immediately  got back on and paddled away . I know it sounds weird but next we went to the pool . At this pool visit me and K did jumps in the deep end .                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Ella could not swim  so she could not jump with us .  My sister and me both got scars because we hit our  faces ( for me its the knee) at the bottom of the pool! after we went to the pool  we went back to change and  shower .Then we ate  a great dinner.  Next we went to the park. a few moments later the parents and kids were playing pickle ball. then every one stoped to play in the grass. before we knew it  me and K was having a hoola hoop contest . after that  we closed our eyes hoping for a good day.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Lone Star Vacation

As we were riding through the golf cart down to the lake, I thought I was going to fall out. I was on the side and we were turning to the curve so I held on tight to the handles. As the golf cart stopped me and my friends were getting ready to jump off into the tiny wading pool. I heard the rocks were slippery so I dared myself to climb the rocks. After I climbed the rocks my friends were helping  me back to the shore. Then, it was time to go back to the golf cart to go check in so we could rent our house.

We were at Lake Chelan renting a vacation house with our friends,  the Wong family. Their names were  Katelyn, Ella ,Evan,  and the parents.

The next moment all the kids were jumping into their bathing suits and getting in the pool. Our first swim was very fun. Except for the fact that my sister sprayed my face with a water gun.

After a long swim we got to go to our house. The house was called the Lone Star. All the houses had different names. My favorite was "this is the life".

After we changed our clothes we went to the park.The other girls were biking but there wasn't a bike fit  for me.

When we went inside we watch a little bit of Big Hero 6. Then we all had to go to bed and we waited for another great day in Chelan.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Full Moon Marble
       by: Adrienne

The full moon marble

is big and bright

it's gray and bumpy

it shows moonlight

it rolls up and down across the sky

every now and then

it shows moonlight

it's the marble of the night !

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

a poem about my dad


to me dad is dear and I am dear to dad

he brings me here and there...

actually everywhere!

Ill never stop loving him i know he wont too

 if you knew him he would like you

Lost at The Zoo by Adrienne

This is the story I made up when I was in second grade.

Lost At The Zoo
By Adrienne
February 2017

Noises came from every direction.

Lily and Daisy were at the zoo! Daisy was the opposite of Lily. Lily behave and Daisy did not. Lily loved school and Daisy did not! Lily was so focused on the beautiful blue eyed white tiger for her report until....

Daisy bolted after a huge butterfly and knocked over a statue of a fish. CRASH! Daisy fell over too! Then Daisy dashed off AGAIN! This time Daisy found a button and Lily yelled "Don't push it!" But she pushed it! Lily mumbled "Daisy always doesn't listen." Right after Daisy pushed the button they realized there was a wolf inside the room next to them!

Wind started to rush into the other room. Lily shouted "WHERE ARE WE?" Daisy just ignored here and dashed off. Lily followed her. Daisy entered a room with all the security cameras and a computer and mostly papers. Lily shouted "WHERE ARE WE?" Daisy just stood right in the middle of the small room. Lily sighed "come on." Daisy just stood still. Lily shoved her out.

All of a sudden the speaker said "If your name is Daisy please come to the front desk." Lily whispered "Uh oh! I think you're in trouble." So Lily and Daisy went to the front desk. The worker smiled and calmly said, "Don't worry you're not in trouble. "Daisy thought "Good, because I don't want to be in trouble." the worker explained that they saw them on the other security cameras.

First, the girls and the worker checked the reptile exhibit but no one was there. Next they checked the cat family exhibit. There were people but not their parents. Then they checked the mammal exhibit no one was there...

They decided to go back to the front desk. They went back to the front desk, the girls saw their parents! Their parents warned them always to "pay attention!" The girls learned a lesson, especially Daisy. She knew to always stay with her parents and not wander off.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Introducing Adrienne !

Hi! My name is Adrienne ( Andi )   I'm now seven years old.  I am here to continue my mom 's (Melanie Pesito) blog.  I will be posting poems, stories and travels! So on with the show!!!