Thursday, July 12, 2018

The Magic Stone

The noise got louder and louder until it was clear. BARK! Phoebe woke up immediately. Her dog sat on her with a leash in her mouth. This meant she wanted a walk. It was 10:00 in the morning so Phoebe decided it was ok to take a walk. Cocoa (Phoebes dog) kept on pulling her to the small pond near a group of trees. In the end they went. Phoebe has been at the pond more times than she could count. Cocoa pulled her over to odd blue glittering stone. Cocoa kept on pushing the stone with her nose. That meant she wanted to keep it with her. Phoebe slipped it into her jeans pocket.

The next day Cocoa asked for a walk. The warm summer breeze brushed against Phoebes face. Again, Phoebe decided she could go walk. When they were about to leave Cocoa put the rock next to herself. Phoebe said "Wait here while I get you leash". The minute Phoebe turned around a voice said "Wait! I don't think I need a leash!. The voice sounded like a little girl. To Phoebes amazement Cocoa was talking! Phoebe acted like nothing was wrong even though on the inside she was shouting madly "WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!?". Phoebe just reminded Cocoa how could she get wild and that once she jumped on a table and ate from her moms plate during a big formal celebration. After that Cocoa and Phoebe didn't talk for the rest of the morning. Around noon Phoebe asked "How did you talk?". "I meant to bark but I ended up talking. Anyway, overnight the stone glowed and suddenly I could talk" Cocoa replied. Phoebe thought it was time to return the stone. So they did.

The very next day everything was back to normal. Phoebe never mentioned this to anyone so she wrote a book. Where is it? It's right here. You just finished reading it. 

Friday, July 6, 2018

Catching Up

Hi! I'm FINALY back. On my 8th birthday I got a new phone. When I remember what kind of phone it is . we are also puppy sitting 2 dogs. one will go home on Monday. The other just got here. He will go back when the month is over. including my dog there will be 3 dogs in the same house until Monday. It's hard to sleep with all the dogs barking. My dog the most quiet, obedient and she is the oldest. Also, HAPPY 4rth Of JULY 

Saturday, September 30, 2017

the poem about the Philippines

the Philippines is sizzling hot                                                               its always warm there...                                                                     so go to the beach or a pool to play                                                   at the beach the waves will wave to you so you should back          the place is great and thats what I rate                                                                                                        

The horse, a poem by me

A horse is the best they will never rest                                                they love you so love them to

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Pepper Puppy


this is a story of three years ago when I got my first dog.                    

me and my Ate ( big sis) were playing on the  couch then my mom called out " would you like a dog?" three years ago my sister was afraid Dogs but unexpectedly she yelled yes  . I wasn't afraid of dogs like my sister but also burst out YEAH!!! later on my mom showed me a picture of  the dog we were going to get. a second later me and my sister were in our room thinking up names for the Yorkie pup . I suggested snuggles and my sister suggested storm. Then our dad thought of pepper! We agreed on that. after 2 days we had picked up pepper and in the car we figured   out pepper gets car sick because ... she PUKED at the TIP OF MY SEAT!!! I felt really disgusted by it . that night while me and my sister were studying we heard whimpering ,then we all thought where is Pepper? so we all panicked and started looking . It  turned out she was stuck in  my parents bed room. then we openned the door before we could say Pepper ,Pepper rushed out the door. she was so happy. we all lived happily  with a Pepper puppy.
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