Saturday, May 30, 2009

Baby Gear

Since we have been talking about shopping lately, I think it won't hurt to splurge some more. I bet your eyes are drooling over to those cute baby stuff that you have seen while shopping around. Could not get hold of yourself to buy almost everything in an instant ? Yap, I know the feeling...It's one of the best time of my pregnancy.

Time to shop for baby's gear. Can you imagine that one tiny person need so much stuff ? Actually NO, it is just us moms who wants to spoil our little ones :-)

Must have baby gear:

1. Car seat with basket and stroller. It is better to buy those that comes in set, much cheaper than buying individually and of course colors matches each other.

2. Baby crib or playard. Bumpers and bedding's that goes with it.

3. Bouncer or Swing- this helps a lot when the baby is a few months old.

4. Baby Monitor

5. Baby Bath Tub

6. Diaper Bag

7. Bottles if you will be bottle feeding

As a say before, this is just the essentials. I'm sure you would find a lot of other things once you started to hop from one baby store to the other. Enjoy this moment, once the baby comes you will not have so much time to go shopping.

Have fun !

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Baby's Essentials...

I think it is the right time to shop for baby's essentials, now that our belly is not too big yet. It is quite difficult to walk like a Penguin around the mall when you are eight months pregnant. So, I think as early as now it is best to start with our shopping galore !!

Here are a few rough baby's wardrobe that you would be needing when the baby comes:

1. 3 side-snap shirts or shirts that has opening at the side. If you are a first time mom, this is so much easier in changing your baby's shirt.

2. Few pairs of pajamas.

3. Matching shirt and pants for going out.

4. Bodysuits. Splurge on this one especially if you give birth on cold months.

5. Coveralls (without feet).

6. A few pairs of socks / booties. And a hat that goes with it.

7. Mittens. I used this to cover her hands so she won't scratch his/her face.

8. A sweater or a coat. If during winter you might want to buy a Bunting.

9. Blankets

10. Burp cloths or Bibs

It is up to you how many pairs of each you wanted to buy. But, don't buy so much because baby's grows so fast. Sometimes they used it for just a few times and suddenly they outgrown it already.

Enjoy shopping !!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I got a new layout !

Have you noticed that I got a new layout ? or maybe not since this is a very new blog. Still a newborn and is still a work in progress. MANY THANKS to DHEMZ who helped me design this fabulous design and basically creating this cute layout. This is a special mothers day gift from her. I think she just did this overnight ? Very talented gal huh ? I think so too.

I just want to say THANK YOU to her for all the effort she put in this design.

Thanks a bunch girl !!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Im back !

I apologized for not been updating this blog for more than a week now....quite busy these last few days.

But just want to let you know that I'm back. I'll be visiting everyone soon...

For the meantime, have a good weekend everyone !

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Enjoying the Second Trimester

A lot of people say that the second trimester of your pregnancy is the easiest part. This is the period where you get over your nausea, headaches and trouble getting some sleep.

During second trimester, usually you could easily take a nap or ZZZZ because your body felt comfortable and not too tired most of the time. It means that little by little you are getting back those energies.

The downside though, is to start sleeping at your side since it becomes uncomfortable sleeping on your back. If you are a back or belly sleeper, this would be quite a challenge. But better to start sleeping on your side as early as now so you will get used throughout your pregnancy.

I remember with Gabz, I used to lie on my right side. They said that it is better to lie on the left as it helps blood flow and nutrients to the baby. It helps you get rid of waste and fluids too. But then every time, I turn on my left, she starts kicking and wring ling inside my tummy. Mommy has no choice but to turn on my right again so both of us could go to sleep.

With this second baby, I feel so much comfortable sleeping on my left. So you see, each one of them is different, so whatever works just to make you and the baby sleep better.

Another thing is, you start to get hungry most of the time !!! So don't forget to buy some pretzels and crackers to nibble in case you get hungry in the middle of the night.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Her kicks are getting stronger !

I'm on my 21st week now. For the first time this week, my husband was able to feel Andie moves in my tummy ! It was amazing, that her kicks are getting stronger every day. Today, since I was wearing a hugging shirt, I could literally see my tummy moves. The feeling was so touching, because you know and feel that your baby is active and doing well.

My husband love to put his hands over my belly during bedtime while talking just about anything. It's his way of letting Andie know that he is there. He also makes sure that he talks to her before he goes to sleep. During bedtime, we have a ritual as a family (bonding time for us) he talks and play with Gabz in bed, red story, talk to Andie before we say our prayers.

We also taught Gabz how to bond to her sister, by asking her to talk to Andie and kiss good night. We want her to welcome and anticipate the coming of her baby sister, and as much as possible makes her feel that nothing will gonna change when the baby comes. I just hope that she would not feel neglected nor overshadowed by the attention given to the baby.

Well, we will try to cross the bridge when we get there as they say.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Helpful Websites for Pregnant Women

Being a new mom is quite challenging, difficult and overwhelming. With all the new things that is going on with your body, sometimes you do not know which one is normal and which one needs attention. You are in constant edge because you wanted your baby to be safe and healthy. Talking to other pregnant women or other moms is very essential. You could exchange ideas, tips and share experiences. That helps a lot in easing the constant worries you have. BUT, what if you don't know anybody around ? no families nor friends to share your worries most of the time ? I was in this situation when I was pregnant with my first child. Our family is back in our country and we are new in the state we used to lived. I could not call my OB every single minute, and in every qualms of my body. Pregnancy websites was my source of information, I tried to make myself knowledgeable by reading information about pregnancy, joins forums and groups.

I want to share the following websites that helped me before and even until now that I am pregnant with my second child. I visit this websites every time I have some questions in my mind.


In these websites, you can keep track your baby's development week by week, what are the changes within your body, healthy diet while pregnant, exercise needed, listen to your baby's heart beat and sounds the baby is making inside your womb. And lots of information that will surprise you.

I hope these websites could help you as much as they have for me.