Thursday, July 30, 2009

How does my baby looks like this week?

This is how baby Andi looks like this week. I am now on my 33rd week of pregnancy. Seven more weeks to go! This week she will weighs around 4 pounds and would be gaining more each week to shed off those wrinkled skin. You can keep track your baby's development at BabyCenter. Lots of information that could help you.

Right now, I could sleep a little bit better through the night. But experiencing a tingling pain in my fingers, and my wrist hurts. I could not put pressure on it especially during the evening and morning. I always asked my husband to massage my hands and feet to make me feel better. Aside from that, everything is good, my baby has been moving A LOT ! I mean really a lot! Sometimes, I was thinking if this is still normal, because i feel like she is not sleeping anymore. LOL! but that's good though, rather than her not moving.

I washed and ironed all her stuff already. Just want to do it as early as now while I still feel great. Just need to buy a few more toiletries and a Stroller, and I'm all set!


Lulu said...

getting close na talaga

Dorothy L said...

Hey girl...those tingles are just the baby putting pressure on some nerve endings.

It is very normal so don't worry :)

Not getting any sleep is the babies way of training mommy for when she/he is really here :)

pehpot said...

kainggit sis! buti ka pa malapit na.. ako sa november pa.. sobrang atat na ako sa baby ko kase first bebe gel after three boys hihi

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muah! muah!

pehpot said...

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Make or Break

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