Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Putting on my annual spring yard sale

Guest post written by Brit Evans

I don't understand how people can stand to put on more than one yard sale a year. I do one every spring and it about kills me! But it's because I only do one that I like to make sure that I go all out for it and sell as much of my stuff as possible at it so that I don't have to do a repeat in the summer or the fall.
The key to selling a lot is getting the word out as much as possible. So I looked up some cool signage ideas to make and when I was doing that I saw the website and thought it could come in handy for our family's financial situation.
I got some really good sign ideas and painted them on some scrap wood that my husband had as a way to avoid spending any more money. Plus, we'll be able to reuse those signs in the future, which is even better for our budget and the environment! All around, it's a win-win situation, especially if the signs attract even more customers to our yard sale.

Inside the Jellyfish

This was one weekend when we got bored and decided to have a stroll at downtown Seattle  and end up at the aquarium.   We have been there many times, but for kids they act as if it was always the first time.  How I wish we grown up will have the same enthusiasm as they have.  Andi was having a great time and love to have pictures with everything.  Unfortunately, that was the only time when we does not have any camera with us.  So we settled for what we had, my lovely phone!

Here are some pictures of Andi:

She had a blast in the Jellyfish.  She kept coming back to have her pictures taken and after you took her picture she would asked if she could take a look at it.   If she was not satisfied, she would go back and have her picture taken again!!!

It was a fun day, sometimes the day goes great when out of the blue you just go out there and see what surprises the day will bring.

Have a great day everyone !