Monday, February 21, 2011

Visit @ ER

Last Saturday, Andi was feeling so bad because of wheezing, cough and colds.   My husband asked me if we could brought Andi to the doctor because during the previous night she was sleeping so bad.  Keep on waking up in the middle of the night because of her cough.  We had to nebulized her because she was wheezing.  Off we went to the doctor and she was given albuterol and dexamethazone.   They keep her under observation for an hour if she will respond to the meds.  It helped her a little bit but she was still very congested.   The doctor advised to bring her to the ER of Seattle Children Hospital.   They triage her and put her under an hour long treatment.  Good thing after that she responded, her breathing was so much better, wheezing was gone and she was again all over the place.

One thing I could say about Seattle Children's Hospital is that, they are good but the service is quiet slow.   We were there for almost five hours.   But I was still glad because when we came out, patients are overflowing up to the outside door of the emergency room.  

Andi went home feeling good, and has to continue giving her albuterol every four hours and another dose of dexamethasone on the next day.   Now, she is still coughing but her congestion is not so bad.  Colds is almost gone.  I hope that her recovery will continue on the days to come.

Having a sick child is one of the days where parents are paranoid, worried to the bones especially the little ones because you do not know what they feel or what is going on. 

New Tron Legacy movie

Thanks for the post from Sylvester Campbell

I always get so excited around Christmastime for more reasons that to just spend time with my friends and family, the TV specials and all the presents I'm going to get. There always seem to be a bunch of really great movies that get released around Christmas too. This year we had Black Swan, True Grit and Tron Legacy.
Even though I went and saw all three of them, I was the most excited about seeing the last one because I watched the first Tron movie a few years ago and thought it was pretty good. I read all kinds of information and spoilers for the new movie with my satellite star internet and then when it was time to actually go and see it, I ordered tickets ahead of time for a midnight showing on opening night.
I loved that they cast an unknown in the lead role of the new Tron movie and he actually did look like he could have been Flynn's son! It didn't hurt that Daft Punk did the sound track either.