Friday, October 7, 2011

It is good to have options!

It is always nice when you have options when doing things.   Just like shopping, you have the option of going to the mall or have the convenient of doing it at home.   If you are a busy person like me, online shopping is your best friend.   You can do it anytime at your convenience, no more driving around and spending time walking at the mall.  Aside from that, there are some pretty good deal online, you just have to watch for it!   But do you know that there are sites where you could go shopping for almost everything?  From baby stuff, clothing, accessories, furniture, appliances, electronics to office and business needs?  You can shop for signature items like BCBG, Ann Taylor, Versace to North Face without hopping from one site to the other. 

While I was shopping for shoes, I fell in love with bcbg wedges, here is one that would look perfect for me.  The price is not so bad and they have some shoes that are 60% off.  I guess some mushroom shoes from Crocs are 27% off in this site.   Great deals right?

I also found an embroidered cotton voile babydoll top in clearance that is perfect this fall.   If you love babydoll shirts click this link!

Start browsing now and check out some great deals, some sites offer free shipping.  You could really save a lot of money for that!.

Eating more than takeout in my dorm room

Guest post written by Scott Leighton

I've had the good fortune of growing up with a mom that's an amazing cook. She also cooks all the time, so I love to take advantage of that. But now that I'm in college, I'm really going to miss her home cooking. I've picked up a few tricks from her along the way though, so I'm going to make sure that I actually cook and prepare some decent meals for myself this year. I refuse to just live off of Chinese takeout and delivery pizza like every other college student.

Well, I want to do a few more things than just steal my mom's recipes, though. I need some stuff that's simpler than those, so I went online to check some out. While I was doing that I saw the site I showed it to my mom and after that she decided to change over her home internet service to a package on there.
So far my dorm room eating has already been better than what I expect for the average student. I've been making grilled cheese sandwiches out of my favorite kind of cheese. You can't beat simplicity like that.