Friday, July 24, 2009

Waiting for the doctor.........who did not show up.

I had my bi-monthly check up yesterday. As usual I have to dragged Gabz with me and drive for myself since hubby is working. I realized yesterday how inconvenient it is to drive when my belly is so big. It keeps bumping on the steering wheel and quite difficult to get out of the car. LOL!

Oh well, yeh i went to my doctors appointment and when I arrived the lady at the reception told me that the doctor is behind schedule for 45 minutes. I said oh well, since I am already here, I will wait. She is not my primary doctor, but since this is a big clinic, they required you to see the rest of their doctors in case that doctor is the one on call during the day you will deliver the baby. So, I was there for like 45 minutes and Gabz is sooo bored already. One lady came out and told me that the doctor will be late for another 45 minutes !!! WHAT? I have been here for 45 minutes and you tell me that I have to wait for another 45 minutes? (she is not even sure if it would only be 45 minutes more) My time is not spent to wait for that doctor the whole day! She said if I want to reschedule for next week, i told her NO because that would be too close for my another schedule.

Why are we always on the mercy of this doctors schedule? I understand that they have other patients to attend too. But I just hope that they will do something in case this kind of thing happened, like calling you before hand that the doctor will be late for an hour and a half? At least you could make adjustment on your part, rather than sitting in their office doing nothing. And take note you are not allowed to be late this long...5 to 10 minutes is max that you could be late, otherwise they will not entertain you.

Sorry, just venting out....but that's life!


Phoebe said...

same with what happened to me last Monday. we went to the hospital around 1:30pm. the info desk clerk told me that the schedule of the OB is at 2pm. so i said, it's ok i'll wait. but then, we waited until 3pm, no OB dr showed up. accdg to the nurse, the doctor is on her way...arrghh..i was really disappointed, we left at 3 because alyana's school is up to 3:30, and the hospital is 30mins. away from her school. we don't want to keep her waiting.

Tetcha said...

I hate it too when I'm made to wait too long, especially when there's really no valid reason. It's such a waste of time.

texas_sweetie said...

in my case before when i was still preggy, my OB was the worse of all the clinics I've been to here in the US. A 30-minute appointment could last up to 2 hours! Horrible horrible OB eh! There was an instance when me and my husband had to walk out from that small room because that black Jennifer MOtley OB talked so much that she couldn't attend all her patients on time! Geeeezz

estafema said...

Well, doctors were trained like that, don't you think? I walked out on my first OB when he kept me waiting and I never went back.
any patient would be pissed off with that kind of Dr. especially in US where you need to book an appointment, wait for that day and when that day comes you will wait again for hours.. waaah!

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