Monday, June 8, 2009

Exercise during pregnancy

Everybody said that you have to exercise even while you are pregnant, because it keeps you healthy and strong and gives you more stamina during labor. But I guess it is still depends on what kind of pregnancy you are having. Some have normal and others have high risk.

I used to do Yoga even before I get pregnant and continued to do so during my first trimester. After having an on and off spotting, I stop because I was worried that I might hurt my baby. When my doctor check that my placenta was low, she asked me to take it slow. But I totally stop doing it, because I wanted to listen to what my body is saying. Of all people you should know what is best for you and the baby and you should know when to stop doing something if you think that it is not doing you and the baby any good.

But now that I am entering my third trimester and the stopping had stopped, I wanted to do some simple exercise. I do believed that doing simple exercise would make me strong and would help me with the pains I feel everyday.

Here are some simple exercise we could do based on what I have read:

1. Swimming
2. Walking
3. Low impact aerobics
4. Prenatal Yoga
5. Weight Training

Please make sure to check with your doctor what is best for you. I love walking in the afternoon and during the weekends, with my daughter and husband. This gives us time to bond at the same time.


Tetcha said...

I found this blog very informative. Exchange links tayo ha. I already included this site under my list of "Baby Blogs/Kiddie Blogs."

layrence said...

thanks for visiting my blog, and i had add your link in my blog. hopefully you and your baby healthy. God Bless ur family

Karen on Bingskee said...

I do a lot of walking when I was pregnant and now almost two months after giving birth, I love to walk to flush away some belly fats.

Phoebe said...

Hi mommy mel...ako, as early as now, I'm starting to experience leg cramps. but since this is not new to me, di na ako masyadong nahihirapan pra mawala yung sakit.

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