Monday, June 22, 2009

Cute Little Outfits for Andi

My thought full mother in law from Philippines sent me these cute little outfits for baby Andi. I always request from Philippines these baby essentials.

First, and the main reason why I love those baby clothes from Philippines because for new born baby's the shirt that has tie on the side is very easy to use. Once your baby is born, they are very fragile on the first few days and changing their clothes always is a challenge. Using these shirt that is overlapping is very convenient, that is why I always asked my relatives to buy one for me. You could not find one here in the US, they have one here that has snap on the side but quite difficult to find. They mostly used onesies here which is difficult for me to pull over my babys head.

I love this matching pairs that she sent. A Winnie the Pooh collection, a shirt and pajama with matching shoes and mittens. One more thing, mittens that has tie on the wrist is good too than the one that is not. The gloves that you could tie in your babys wrist does not fall often same so with the socks.
It's a good thing that she sent me shirt that has long sleeves on it. By the time I gave birth it is already fall and here in Seattle weather would be chilly already. I still have a lot of things to buy though. I am trying to do an inventory of what I have now and things that I need to purchased. As I mentioned on my previous post, it is better to shop as early as now rather than on the last month of your pregnancy.

I hope you guys have already started your shopping.
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Phoebe said...

wow, they're so cute Mommy Mel..tlaga, wala niyan dyan? good thing pala andito ako sa Pinas, hehe...I haven't bought baby stuff for my little one pa. Come August or September siguro. I can't find time pa, and of course still waiting for budget from the financial officer there in South korea, hehehe ( kay hubby).


that is a good idea. they usually dont have those kinds of clothes for babies here.they mostly use onesies. when i get pregnant again i should think about asking my mom to send me over cltohes like the ones you got. hope you have a good pregnancy

pehpot said...

alam mo ba Mommy na you are my 100th follower?

at dahil jan you have a prize from me.. I will give you 1k Ec and a blog review and an ad space (125 by 125) on my blog for a month :)

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