Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pamper Yourself !

I felt soooo good today ! You know what ? I just came from a nail salon and got a manicure and pedicure. Isn't that great ? I think all of us mommies needs this from time to time, pampering ourselves with the things we love. I used to have my nails done almost every week when I was single, then once a month or so when I got Gabz, then suddenly I stop. But then, I wanted to feel good about myself, so I headed to the nail salon with my BFF Maricel to have our nails done.

Sometimes, when you are pregnant you feel so unglamorous and tend to forget yourself (especially if you are a stay at home Mom). But Mommies, lets try to treat ourselves sometimes, we truly ever deserved it !

How I wish I could have my hair done as well, but I guess not advisable while pregnant, maybe after. Ah, feels so good.


Phoebe said...

kakainggit ka naman mommy...I'm dying to have a foot spa naman for myself. but then, no time and not included in the budget for now..maybe after I gave birth na lang...

Rossel said...

yes we need to pamper ourselves sometimes. we deserve that after days of hard works.

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