Monday, March 1, 2010

Trade Shows and Exhibits

A few years ago, I used to work with a company that sells power plant engine. I was part of the sales team back then. In sales, we do a lot of promotions to introduce the product to the market. One way of doing this, is to participate in trade shows and exhibits. We invite customers and people we knew to visit the exhibit for them to know what are the product updates and latest technologies. Participating in a trade show or exhibit is not an easy task. It needs a lot of preparation, planning and hard work. You have to make sure that every detail has been done, from invitations to booth displays. Booth displays alone needs brain storming, because this is the best time to show what you've got to convince people to buy your product, services or ideas.

Your trade show booth on the other hand has to stand out among the rest to attract more people. You need to have banner stands; these are very useful advertising tools that can be set up anywhere. There are retractable versions, L shaped styles and indoor / outdoor models.

To put a little design on our booth, we tried using some pipe and drape as dividers. Many other organizations use them as privacy walls and crowd control. Table skirts will make your booth more formal. These table skirts could be attach around the perimeter of a table using special clips or just Velcro. They can be printed on to add a logo if needed and come in a variety of colors.

With all the materials and proper planning, your trade show or exhibit will definitely become a success!


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