Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Teeth coming in

At five months Andi has already 3 teeth and I could see that more are coming out soon. She has been grabbing anything and putting it in her mouth to chew. Sometimes she became frustrated and just scream. Poor baby :-(

Here are a few things I do to help her feel a little bit better:

  • Rub his gum with my clean finger or sometimes I let her chew it.
  • Give her a cold teething ring to chew on
  • Let her chew a wash cloth, or any clean cloth
One thing I never did, is to give her any medication for her teething. I believed that teething is part of growing up and a little pain and discomfort will make her pain tolerance stronger. It will help develop her patience as well.

Good thing with Andi's teething is that she never had any fever because of that. Some baby's experienced fever and diarrhea while teething. Of course every baby's development and personality are different. Please feel free to share your baby's own experienced.


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