Monday, March 1, 2010

Andi is sick :-) we all are

I hate being sick :-) I have been sick for almost a week now. My cough and colds is so terrible, never experienced so much phlegm in my life. One day my husband has to stay at home to take good care of me and the kids because I could not function anymore. I was afraid that I might drop Andi while holding her. I feel tired and drowsy most of the time. The worst part? Andi catch the same colds ! Poor baby :-) It was not surprising at all since I touch and cuddle her all day. The terrible part, I could drink medicine and Andi could not. We purely rely of humidifier for her colds, sometimes I gave her Tylenol because sometimes her eyes becomes watery because of colds.

I hope this virus will leave the house soon, before Gabz could catch it :-(


eva said...

naku kami din ni baby may cold.s

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