Sunday, March 7, 2010

She has ear infection and Roseola Virus

It was almost a week that Andi has terrible runny nose, I think she got it from me. One evening, she felt kinda hot so I checked her temperature and it was 99.9. The next morning, she was so hot and when I checked she has 102.8 temperature. I panicked because it was the first time that my child has a temperature that high. I immediately gave her Tylenol and called her pediatrician if we could come in on that day. Later on found out that she has ear infection on her left ear. She took Amoxycillin for the infection. During the night, she had trouble sleeping, suddenly scream in the middle of her sleep and cried. She was running a 104 temperature too. I gave her Tylenol and sponge bath to bring the fever down. The next couple of days was a struggle for both of us, she does not want to be put down. I was carrying her all day long. Saturday morning, we noticed a lot of small red spots on her face, head and body. I immediately called the doctor and informed them about it. They asked me to bring Andi at the clinic. Found out that she has Roseola virus. A virus that is very common to baby's and toddlers. It usually comes with a very high fever followed with a rash. When fever comes, some kids was having a seizure. But when the rash comes out, it means that she had overcome the virus. The virus goes away on its own, no medicine needed and nothing you can do about it. It is just like, being part of growing up for kids. The rash usually takes 3 to 4 days. Now Andi is ok and the rash is almost gone. She is back to her old self again.


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