Sunday, August 30, 2009

I'm GBS free

Last Friday, I had my weekly check up again and my OB told me that my test for GBS is negative. That is good to hear, at least I am confident that the baby will not be infected by any bacteria when she comes out. GBS is Group B streptococci (GBS). It is a bacteria that could cause serious complications to your baby if she is affected.

Next week is another OB visit, and this time she will check my cervix if I am already dilated or not. Getting closer each day.......can't wait to see her. At night I was able to find a comfortable position sleeping by putting two pillows on both sides of my belly. Thanks to my doctors advise!


Tetcha said...

This is good news, Mel! Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.

Vicki said...

How exciting! Rest up, you will need it!

Dhemz said...

that's great teMel...:)

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