Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Give comfort to your feet

When you are pregnant, you always wanted to wear things that would make you comfortable; clothes, underwear, shoes, sandals or slippers. Hormonal changes, swollen feet, back and leg aches are just a few bodily changes you will experienced. As your belly grows bigger, this could greatly affect your feet, and consequently the shoes or sandals you are wearing. When I reach my second trimester, I started to buy sandals that are flat and open to give more room to my expanding feet. When looking for a sandals or shoes, try to find something flat, with good arch support, open toes so your feet could breath, slip on as laces could be difficult to do when you have a big belly.

This comfortable sandal is good for walking at the mall, going to church or going out with friends. A matching dress or sundress during summer will be perfect for this. Cute and stylish for any clothing you wear.

These pair are perfect for your morning or afternoon walks or running errands. In addition to its comfortable style, it is Cute and sporty too. Wearing a solid flat sandals or slippers reduces pressure on the back of your feet, plus they are great for quickly slipping on and off.


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