Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What to bring at the hospital

It is the time again to get ready for the hospital. I am starting to prepare a bag that I could bring, in case I will go into labor anytime. I will put it at the back of the car, so my husband does not have to worry which bag to grab.

Here are the things I have in my bag:

For myself:
1. Robe
2. Gown which has an opening in front, for easy access when I breastfeed.
3. Slippers
4. Underwear
5. Breastfeeding bra and pads
6. Toiletries
7. Brush
8. Few make ups
9. Book (in case I will go into long labor)
10. Going home outfit

1. Insurance Card
2. Book
3. Camera & charger
4. Toiletries
5. Extra Clothes

1. Car seat
2. Going home outfit
3. Cap, booties & mittens
4. Blanket

So far that is all I could think about right now. Mommies, please feel free to let me know what else I need to bring based on your experienced.

Five more weeks to go!


DhoyM said...

Good luck!

Dorothy L said...

You sound ready...now it is just up to your newest arrival to decide :)
Good luck for you and baby ...oh and hubby too :)

Dhemz said...

oh my gosh....it is almost there Mami Mel....am so excited to see your lil one.....good luck!

Kree-ations said...

I also took my own coffee (life is too short to drink the muck they give you in hospital) and a double roll of Quilton toilet paper. They didn't tell me I would empty my bowels every 5 mins so I'm glad I decided to take this little luxury. I used up most of the roll during labour and the 2 days I was in hospital. Good luck and hope your birth goes to your plan :-) Kree-ations, www.kree-ations.webs.com

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