Friday, September 4, 2009

Busy Day

Yesterday was a busy day for me. Early in the morning, I had to drop my husband at his office since I would be needing the car the whole day. Then at noon, we have a scheduled hospital tour at Overlake Hospital in Bellevue. We wanted to orient ourselves what to do and what to expect when the time comes to deliver the baby. At least we would know where to park, where to go and what number to call. It is nice to know these things before hand, so you don't have to panic and get lost on that day. The hospital tour lasted for almost an hour. What I do not like about the set up is that, you will be staying in 3 to 4 rooms on your entire stay. Why can't I just stay in one room throughout the delivery? Oh well, that is the procedure said the lady who conducted the tour. No chance of changing hospital because that is the only hospital where my OB is accredited and it is quite late to do that. I think I just have to deal with it.

In the evening, I have my weekly check up and this time I met another doctor, Dr. Mitchell Newdleman. They do the standard check up, BP, weight, baby's heartbeat, and measured the size of my belly. After that he asked if he could check my cervix if I am already dilated. Indeed I am! My cervix is 50% effaced and 2cm dilated! Gosh, that is why I could already feel like I am almost there. I can give birth anytime now, funny thing; my husband was whispering to Andi if she can go out on the 8th of September, because that is Mother Mary's birthday and our civil wedding anniversary too. Well, all I can say is, let us wait and see :-)


shydub said...

Dont get too busy mommy especially now that your due date is getting closer baka mapaanak ka in no time. Good luck again mel and pray for your safe and easy delivery and good health for baby adri

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