Friday, August 14, 2009

Just bought a stroller for Andi

We just received the stroller we have ordered for Andi online. My husband ordered it last Monday and we received it last night, Thursday. That was quite fast, thinking that it was bulky. We decided to order this stuff online because it is cheaper and tax free. We saw one in store when we are doing our shopping in an outlet mall, and decided that this would be it. After that we look for it online and ordered.

These are all the parts inside the box. My husband assemble it very quickly.

My husband taking a pose after he assemble everything. Everything is ready now, its up to my baby when she would like to meet her mommy!


Dorothy L said...

Cheers to hubby for a job well done.
Now mom gets to do all the pushing baby around :)

A good partnership...LOL

Cecile said...

nice stroller; he did a good job assembling it :-)

Enchie said...

Graco is a reliable brand also safe ;)

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