Friday, August 21, 2009

My baby is ready!

I went to my OB yesterday at Bellegroove OBGYN for my weekly check up. The doctor who met me made quite a thorough check up, not like the previous one where she is always in a hurry. How I wish I could change doctor :-( But my due date is so close, just hoping that the doctor on duty by that day is the doctor I wanted. This was the second time I met her and every time I came out from her clinic, I am satisfied by her service.

Anyway, she estimated that the baby is around 5 lbs +/- and that she is not low, just normal. My cervix is not yet dilated and according to the ultrasound, the baby's head is now positioned in my cervix and is ready. That is good news, just hoping that she would not be turning around anymore.

I learned as well that another preggy friend who's due date is three days earlier than mine gave birth yesterday! She had a baby girl and both the baby and mommy is doing good! Now, I am just waiting when my baby wanted to see me :-)


Laane said...

During pregnancy some check ups are just bloodpressure and such, and others are more thorough, depending on the week.

Good luck with giving birth!!

nurseabie said...

Praying for your safe delivery! God bless..

Charity Joy Bell Childs said...

pretty name you got there, for your baby girl :)

Vicki said...

I miss that fun, exciting time. so many great hopes and expectations! Good luck!

Aroma Fields said...

Very excited for you!

pehpot said...

Gave birth already? Can't wait for your baby!

Post some pics as soon as you can..

My due date will be on November and I asked my hubby if he can bring his laptop on the hospital.. I am so excited to post my baby's pic as soon as she is out of my tummy haha

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