Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Helpful Websites for Pregnant Women

Being a new mom is quite challenging, difficult and overwhelming. With all the new things that is going on with your body, sometimes you do not know which one is normal and which one needs attention. You are in constant edge because you wanted your baby to be safe and healthy. Talking to other pregnant women or other moms is very essential. You could exchange ideas, tips and share experiences. That helps a lot in easing the constant worries you have. BUT, what if you don't know anybody around ? no families nor friends to share your worries most of the time ? I was in this situation when I was pregnant with my first child. Our family is back in our country and we are new in the state we used to lived. I could not call my OB every single minute, and in every qualms of my body. Pregnancy websites was my source of information, I tried to make myself knowledgeable by reading information about pregnancy, joins forums and groups.

I want to share the following websites that helped me before and even until now that I am pregnant with my second child. I visit this websites every time I have some questions in my mind.

  1. BabyCenter.com
  2. PregnancyWeekly.com
  3. PregnancyToday.com
  4. BabyNameCenter.com
  5. StorkNet.com

In these websites, you can keep track your baby's development week by week, what are the changes within your body, healthy diet while pregnant, exercise needed, listen to your baby's heart beat and sounds the baby is making inside your womb. And lots of information that will surprise you.

I hope these websites could help you as much as they have for me.


pehpot said...

I love Babycenter.. it helped me a lot :)

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