Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Baby's Essentials...

I think it is the right time to shop for baby's essentials, now that our belly is not too big yet. It is quite difficult to walk like a Penguin around the mall when you are eight months pregnant. So, I think as early as now it is best to start with our shopping galore !!

Here are a few rough baby's wardrobe that you would be needing when the baby comes:

1. 3 side-snap shirts or shirts that has opening at the side. If you are a first time mom, this is so much easier in changing your baby's shirt.

2. Few pairs of pajamas.

3. Matching shirt and pants for going out.

4. Bodysuits. Splurge on this one especially if you give birth on cold months.

5. Coveralls (without feet).

6. A few pairs of socks / booties. And a hat that goes with it.

7. Mittens. I used this to cover her hands so she won't scratch his/her face.

8. A sweater or a coat. If during winter you might want to buy a Bunting.

9. Blankets

10. Burp cloths or Bibs

It is up to you how many pairs of each you wanted to buy. But, don't buy so much because baby's grows so fast. Sometimes they used it for just a few times and suddenly they outgrown it already.

Enjoy shopping !!!


Sara said...

Mittens are a great one!!! My son loved to scratch his face and those were awesome to use. He is now six weeks old and has stopped scratching his face

ROSSEL said...

my hubby and I were so excited buying those seven years ago. until now I can't help from dropping by infants' section every time we go to the mall.

Sheila said...

lol...oh so true, but when Gramma's are involved, like me, I went over board with my little Grand Daughter. I just love buying her clothes.
Now I'm starting to make her things, like pillow cases out of her baby blankets she no longer uses and little purses, out of her own grown pants, or skirts. And I use some of the material to add to the purses or blankets as decorations.
Lots of fun

pehpot said...

yeah I never thought that our shirts with ties are a lot difficult specially if you have a fuzzy baby

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