Monday, May 11, 2009

Her kicks are getting stronger !

I'm on my 21st week now. For the first time this week, my husband was able to feel Andie moves in my tummy ! It was amazing, that her kicks are getting stronger every day. Today, since I was wearing a hugging shirt, I could literally see my tummy moves. The feeling was so touching, because you know and feel that your baby is active and doing well.

My husband love to put his hands over my belly during bedtime while talking just about anything. It's his way of letting Andie know that he is there. He also makes sure that he talks to her before he goes to sleep. During bedtime, we have a ritual as a family (bonding time for us) he talks and play with Gabz in bed, red story, talk to Andie before we say our prayers.

We also taught Gabz how to bond to her sister, by asking her to talk to Andie and kiss good night. We want her to welcome and anticipate the coming of her baby sister, and as much as possible makes her feel that nothing will gonna change when the baby comes. I just hope that she would not feel neglected nor overshadowed by the attention given to the baby.

Well, we will try to cross the bridge when we get there as they say.


shydub said...

My baby din mel, malakas ang galaw. Im on my 28 weeks-third trimester. masakit na sa balakang at singit. in the morning my butt get so sore that hard to get out from bed. haaay ilang buwan nlng wait nati nito.

pehpot said...

I will make a post on how to prevent jealousy when a new baby comes in the house, I hope it can help :)

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