Thursday, April 30, 2009

I am halfway to my pregnancy !

Today, I am on my 20th week of pregnancy. Halfway through it !!! Hooray !

They said that my baby is like the size of a banana and is swallowing whatever she is swallowing which is a good practice for her digestive system.

What is happening to me now ?
Starting to feel uncomfortable lying on my side sometimes. It takes me a few minutes tossing around finding the right position at night. Elevating my pillow helps me a lot and putting a log pillow between my legs makes me sleep soundly.

Last night I got a heartburn though. Very bad that I have to take Tums, I hate taking anything unless I could tolerate it. My heartburn on this second pregnancy started quite early. It even started on my first trimester, still come and go up to now. Wherein on my first pregnancy, I only got heartburn during my last trimester. Every pregnancy is different indeed !

By the way, I mentioned on my other blog that we will be having a baby girl !!!


pehpot said...

naku it's so true that every pregnancy is different.. when I had my third baby it was so different!

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