Saturday, February 6, 2010


People said that piano is the ideal musical instrument for children who wanted to learn or study music.

Here are the benefits of playing the piano to children.

1. Enhance motor skills.
2. Develop hand - eye coordination
3. Increase self esteem
4. Improved memorization and concentration
5. Children become well rounded individual

These are the only few benefits and I am sure there are a lot more that could be develop when your child learn how to play the piano.

My husband who is a music lover wanted to enroll our daughter in a piano lesson. He has been telling me that ever since he noticed our daughter's inclination in music. He wanted to learn how to play the piano himself but he thinks he is too old for that. That is why he badly wanted Gabz to enroll in piano. I was telling him that it will be good for Gabz, but I think it is quite early for her. She is just four years old, maybe two to three years from now?

A lot of companies and individual offers piano lessons. You could even have piano lessons online! I was trying to surf the Internet for piano lessons and I was surprised that you can even study online by watching a video? Wow that is really amazing! When I was a kid, the only thing I know is that a piano teacher is the only one who can teach you how to play the piano. Technology indeed brought us to the next level.

When the time comes that Gabz wants to play the piano, I wanted her to learn her piano lessons from a piano teacher.


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