Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Andi can sit!

Andi can now sit on her own! Her development really surprised me. I just tried to let her sit down in bed and I was surprised to see that she can sit by herself in a few minutes. Not for long, but she was able to balance herself now.

A pose with big sister. Big sis wanted to join the fun too. Too bad the whole family is sick, we all have cough and colds. Gabz was not able to go to school because of that. Andi has runny nose, but she never complains. That is why she is wearing that fluffy suit to keep her warm.

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The Twitterer said...

wow, i'm excited for you. how old is your baby?

eva said...

how nice naman. baby ko di pa eh. can we exchange link with my baby blog : jazmeenyou

eva said...

hehe! kakatuwa naman halos magksabay tayo. oct 20 baby josh ko, ikaw kelan pinanganak si baby Andi? meron din isa na halos kasabay natin nanganak si debbie (http://www.ddschroeder.com/). ym id ko evamee_gazmin@yahoo.com

message mo na lang ym mo sa akin ok. take care. =)

EastCoastLife said...

Andi is so cute! sigh... I wish so hard for a daughter.

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