Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Andi's milestones @ 5 months

This picture was taken last weekend while hiking. Her Dad loves to let Andi stand at the corner, behind the door or peeking at the counter top as if Andi is standing by herself. I can't resist her every time they do that.

Andi is five months old today. So far here are her milestones:

1. She has three teeth in front (lower portion)
2. She rolled in any direction (sometimes she was rolling all over the living room)
3. She started eating solid (home prepared). Today she had squash and banana.
4. She is very emotional too (she cried when your voice goes up as if you are mad, pretend that you are mad, and she will cry!)
5. She keeps pushing her bootie up (as if she wants to crawl?)
6. She loves playing tea party with big sister ! She usually sits on her swing while big sis sits in front of her with a mini table with tea sets on it !
7. She loves watching TV !!!

Sometimes I felt overwhelmed on how fast she grows up...I was discussing with hubby last night that we need to start putting safety measures around the house. Yesterday, while doing household chores, I put Andi down in the carpet with big blanket spread all over. After a few minutes I tried to check on her and she was just playing. But every time I checked on her, she moved from one place to another. After a while I saw her in front of our fireplace ! Half of her body was on the stone slab and half is in the carpet. I was so scared that she might had bumped her head or something...maybe not because she did not cried at all. But then it hits me, what if next time it will? I asked hubby to better go to Home Depot and find something to cover the edge of the stone slab...

While that is still under planning...I make sure that I watched her most of the time while playing on the floor.


Dav DiDi said...

Cute kid .... :)

rjs mama said...

kids do grow up so fast. your daughter is so cute :)

eva said...

ang cute naman ni andi =)

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