Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Baby's first toys

I have this overwhelming feeling every time I saw my two daughters playing. Andi could already appreciate her sister in the sense that she respond to her big sister when Gabz made a sound or do things that would make her smile. Andi learns to enjoy watching and playing with big sis and vice versa.

I was reading through a magazine this morning and according to one expert these are the must have toys in every kids toybox.

1. Books - I definitely agree on this one.

2. Touch toys - not so much for Andi because she is on a stage where she put everything on her mouth.

3. Visual toys - mobile, activity mats, plastic mirror or something that has lots of bright colors.
My Andi love this toy that makes bright lights, sounds and spins!

4. Hearing and listening toys -

5. Imitation toys

What do you think mom?


Mama Ko said...

These toys also would help their learning process. same thingwith my Justine, thats why jake love to jump because justine always cheer him up. Bilis ng panahon talaga ano, parang kailan lng naka buyangyang mga tiyan natin lol

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