Friday, February 12, 2010

Mommy Moments - Language of Love

Wow it's Friday again! Mommy Moments theme is Language of Love, in time for Valentines Day this Sunday.

Yesterday, we were doing a Valentines card for Daddy. Gabz simply said, "Mommy, I want to write I love you Daddy on the card". And here it is.

The Bee card is from Gabz and the other one is from Andi. These cards are for their Daddy.

This is inside Gabz valentines card. She wrote it herself.

Since Andi does not know how to handle a pen yet, I draw her hand instead inside the card. hehehehe and mommy wrote for her.

Their Daddy always look forward for something during Valentines Day. The last Valentines card given by Gabz is still hanging in his office wall.


maritz said...

ohh.. so cute and sweet. They are truly priceless. See mine too.

Chris said...

so sweet!!! i love art works like these!

happy hearts day to you and your family!

see you again next week!

eva said...

that's so sweet. =)

happy valentines day.

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