Monday, January 25, 2010

with Ate Dan2x

Andi with her Ate Danica. She loves Andi a lot, every time she visited us, she always tried to find Andi first. If Andi is sleeping, she would climb up in the crib just to take a peek at her. If I am feeding Andi, she always insist on holding the bottle. Always wanted to hold Andi too. This time her mom allowed her to cuddle Andi in her lap. Look at her kissing Andi. They are so adorable!

Andi on the other hand had her second tooth came out. But has not mastered rolling over yet. She is rolling but up to her side only. I love hearing her giggle though :-) She giggle every time I kiss her on the neck. Love that sound !


Jona said...

oh i miss having a small baby like that. my youngest is already two years old and practices his budding independence every minute :D

you have cute girls!

A Time To Weep and A Time To Laugh

Dorothy L said...

WHat a beautiful photo. Such beautiful children :)

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