Saturday, January 23, 2010

Amazing Registry

Have you ever wished that you can put your baby registry not only on one store but to all the stores that you like? When I had a baby shower with my two girls, I always had my baby registry at one store only, and it sucks right? But now, you can have your baby registry not only on one store but on multiple stores! Isn't that great? has come up with this great idea for all moms by putting together your entire baby registry in one single site. Getting confuse on how this service works? Don't worry, I got confused too the first time I heard about it. It sounds complicated but it is very simple and easy to use.

First, Create your baby registry at any stores that you like. Then create an account at From there you can import all your account from different stores that you had registered. They have a directory of stores, from BabiesRUs,, Walmart, JCPenney, Pottery Barn kids, The Land of Nod and a lot more. But if your store is not on their list, you can still add them on your registry. You can now tell your family and friends that you have a baby registry at instead of telling them the name of all the stores that you previously registered. AmazingRegistry congregate your whole registry into one single site for your convenience. Still confuse? Why not visit and go to their Help section. They have tons of information to help you through the process. Their website is very straight forward and easy to use. You will be surprised how convenient this new service for you. How I wish I had known about this website when I had my baby showers.

To all pregnant moms out there, check out this new service from This is a great service for all of you!


Michelle said...

I love this idea, but after checking out a bunch of different sites like this one (amazingregistry, eregistry, wishpot, etc.) I ended up going with I wanted to register for some really unique things that I found on Etsy, and myregistry even let me register there! They give you a little add to myregistry button to place on your internet browser so that whenever you find something online you want to register for, you just click the button and it's on your registry! I even was able to import the registry I had already set up at Target. I agree, having all of your registries in one place is such a huge help when it comes to finding everything you want to register for.

eva said...

wow that is great news. mine, i had my registry at target and babies r us. =)


lilskrimp01 said...

I have found success with my baby registry. Places like this make it so much easier.

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