Friday, January 22, 2010

Mommy Moments - New Favorite

Wow I almost forgot that it is Friday again and need to have my entry for Mommy Moments. This is really fun, I enjoyed doing this :-)

The theme for today is new favorite. Hmmm makes me think what is Gabz new favorite these past few days. As you know toddlers changed their preferences so fast that sometimes it is hard to keep track.

This is her all time favorite, soup specifically Molo Soup. Original from Iloilo. My mom always send us molo here in the US every time she has a chance. Gabz and hubby love this a lot.

Secondly, Burger Steak at Jollibee. When we were in Las Vegas we ate at Jollibee. I ordered 2 pcs of Burger Steak for her and she ate it all. Gabz is not so fond of eating rice, that is why I was surprised when she was able to finished her food. The next day, we ate there again and she requested Burger Steak once more. She said it was her favorite!

Too bad there is no Jollibee here in Seattle. She has to wait when we go home to Philippines to have another meal of Burger Steak. Kawawa naman baby ko :-)


Chris said...

Jollibee is a hit with kids, no matter where... :)

glad you can join us again this week! :D

pehpot said...

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Ellen Joy Castel said...

oooooh molo soup! yummy :) Unique ang baby mo ah, most children would go for the spag meal or the chicken joy, but she opted for the burger steak :) nice!

P.S. if you have the time, please do visit my MM entry and my Real Leaf Paparazzi post. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Jollibee across the miles! My son loves molo soup too. :)

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