Friday, November 20, 2009

Some comforting tips ...

Sometimes baby's fuss and we don't know what to do. Since they do not have a means of telling us what they feel, they cry. For a new mom, this is the most difficult moment. You feel so helpless and does not know what to do. It is so heartbreaking watching your baby cry!

Most babies cry maybe because:

1. They have soiled diaper and needs changing.
2. They maybe cold or feel hot.
3. Have gas in their stomach and needs to e burped
4. Trouble sleeping
5. or she/he is sick (or something serious)

Usually this is what I do with Andi when she is fussy to comfort her:

1. Carry her around the house to distract her.
2. Carry her (facing me) and rock her to sleep while humming some song that cross my mind
3. lay her, tummy down across my knees and gently pat her back
4. Put her in her car seat and carry her around the house, so she feels like she is in the car
5. Give her pacifier

These are simple things we could do. But of course each baby's are different. Try to observe what actions could put your baby at ease and do this when she gets fussy. Mothers has good instinct when it comes to their babies. Trust your instinct!


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