Saturday, November 7, 2009

She has the greatest smile of all.....

At six weeks, we saw Andi's real smile :-) She even respond when you talk to her!

One day we were just surprised when she was cooing when you talk to her. I used to talked to her all the time. And she just respond with her sweet smile as if she understood what I am talking about. My heart just leaped with happiness :-)

From then on.....every time she woke up at 3am, we talked and play for a few minutes before she goes back to sleep. She is just a happy baby, just fussy when she is hungry and needs diaper change, otherwise she sleeps and play :-)

She can recognized every body's voice too :-) When I call her name, she turned her head and give her smile. Even her Daddy and Lola's voice!

Sweet Andi :-)


santhy said...

Lovely! Congratulation..

Tetcha said...

What a great sweet smile Andi has!

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