Monday, November 16, 2009

Getting ready for Winter!

Andi woke up at 3:00am this morning to drink milk and a few minutes of playing time. This is her new sleeping habit this past two weeks. When we were playing, I could hear the gust of wind outside. It makes me realized that winter is almost here. I need to shop for winter clothes for the kids and my parents in law. This is Andi's first winter and we are planning to spend a vacation in Las Vegas for a few days after Christmas. Weather in Las Vegas is quite nasty. I got sick the last time we were there. This time I want to make sure that the kids will have proper clothing when we go on vacation.

This nice little Bunting will be perfect for Andi. This will keep her warm no matter how cold the weather in Las Vegas. Baby's wants to keep warm most of the time. But, I still have to find a matching booties for this cute little outfit! We really need to bundle up the babies and kids every time we go out to keep them warm so they will not catch a colds or flu.

Every time Gabz goes to school she wears this Columbia winter jacket. It is waterproof with fleece liner inside that keep her warm all the time. This winter jacket is great because it can withstand either snow or rain. It has adjustable hood too which is important for kids. I will make sure that we bring this to Las Vegas.

I hope every one will have a great time!


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