Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Look @ her now :-)

This is Andi @ two months. She is a very happy baby, always full of smile every time you talked to her. Getting bigger each day.

I bought a swing for her with some little toy on it. She was so fascinated by the toys and wanted to grab them, but her reflex is still not working. She could only raise her arms and touch the toys.

I tried to put her in her tummy to help make her neck stronger but she hates it. Could not stand for even two minutes. But she can stand already in her legs. She has strong legs, I think because my mother in law massage her legs every morning. They call it exercise time :-)
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shydub said...

Gumaganda si baby andi and growing so fast. ang bilis ano, parang kailan lng juntis tayo, ngayon 2 months na, my justine will turn 4 months in a couple of days.

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