Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I don't want her to pass her due date :-(

I went to my OB last night for my weekly check up. I did not show up last week, because I thought I will deliver the baby by then. But then I was wrong, she is still here taking her own time. But the good news is, I was 3cm dilated (compared to 2cm the last time) and my OB will be on vacation next week. Oh well, hopefully I will deliver this weekend...still making my fingers cross. My due date is tomorrow, and still have no idea what my baby's plans is. My OB and I discussed last night what will happen if ever I will pass my due date. She scheduled a NST (Non Stress Test) on Tuesday and Friday next week to monitor the baby's heart rate, movements and over all activities as well as the amount of amniotic fluid. If necessary they will induce labor depending on the result of the NST. I told her that as much as possible I don't want to be induce (because I heard that it is very painful). She told me that there is a big chance that I will not reach that far, and will go into labor anytime soon. I am really hoping that she will not pass her due date.

Need prayers!


Phoebe said...

hi mommy mel..praying here that baby will come out tomorrow. i was also 3days overdue with gab so i know the feeling. ako naman, eto nghihintay n umabot ng 37 weeks. i'm having painful contractions n at night, pero often false labor lang. i'm having 3rd trimester insomnia din, imagine i'm making this comment at 3am phil time. di na talaga ako makatulog ng mabuti.

on sat, i'm off to my final ultrasound. nervous? yeah. coz kung CS tlga, iiyak ako for sure. I'm still having the dark brownish discharge khit halos 2mos bedrest n ako. maybe, it's still the placenta covering my cervix. haayss..

anyway, id try to hit the bed na. hopefully, makatulog..good luck on your delivery tom :)

ruby said...

same here, when pala due date mo? ako next week na..

Anonymous said...

Hi Ding, wish you all the best for your labor and all my prayers for safe delivery to you and Andi. Can't wait to see her. K. Bong

Vicki said...

Keep your spirits up! These babies of ours seem to have a mind of their own. Everything will work out okay

shydub said...

So your baby is just setting pretty there in your tummy mel. 3cm ka na pla goodluck mommy, cant wait to see baby adrienne. Yung sa akin before ako napaanak, I was 1 cm dilated pa lng. sayo 3cm na, waiting pa rin. Baka ngayong gabi just be ready lalabas rin yang maganda mong angel.Goodluck and congrats to both of you in advance.

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