Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Lost at The Zoo by Adrienne

This is the story I made up when I was in second grade.

Lost At The Zoo
By Adrienne
February 2017

Noises came from every direction.

Lily and Daisy were at the zoo! Daisy was the opposite of Lily. Lily behave and Daisy did not. Lily loved school and Daisy did not! Lily was so focused on the beautiful blue eyed white tiger for her report until....

Daisy bolted after a huge butterfly and knocked over a statue of a fish. CRASH! Daisy fell over too! Then Daisy dashed off AGAIN! This time Daisy found a button and Lily yelled "Don't push it!" But she pushed it! Lily mumbled "Daisy always doesn't listen." Right after Daisy pushed the button they realized there was a wolf inside the room next to them!

Wind started to rush into the other room. Lily shouted "WHERE ARE WE?" Daisy just ignored here and dashed off. Lily followed her. Daisy entered a room with all the security cameras and a computer and mostly papers. Lily shouted "WHERE ARE WE?" Daisy just stood right in the middle of the small room. Lily sighed "come on." Daisy just stood still. Lily shoved her out.

All of a sudden the speaker said "If your name is Daisy please come to the front desk." Lily whispered "Uh oh! I think you're in trouble." So Lily and Daisy went to the front desk. The worker smiled and calmly said, "Don't worry you're not in trouble. "Daisy thought "Good, because I don't want to be in trouble." the worker explained that they saw them on the other security cameras.

First, the girls and the worker checked the reptile exhibit but no one was there. Next they checked the cat family exhibit. There were people but not their parents. Then they checked the mammal exhibit no one was there...

They decided to go back to the front desk. They went back to the front desk, the girls saw their parents! Their parents warned them always to "pay attention!" The girls learned a lesson, especially Daisy. She knew to always stay with her parents and not wander off.


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